3D Printing Course as Offered Online by the Colorado State University

3D Printing Course as Offered Online by the Colorado State University

Now that the 3D printing is revolutionizing the world, not only in the innovative devices and gadgets, but also in the largest parts of a machine for a more beneficial purpose, the Colorado State University is now offering the course to anyone who wants to learn the 3D printing. Kids of this generation are already exposed to different innovations, and with most of their toys and devices being made on the 3D printing system, their interest to it also becomes a part of their nature. But for the professional ones, the system becomes a part of their daily routine, thus requires them to get knowledge and expertise in the system to be able to perform their tasks in their chosen field.

3D Printing Course as Offered Online by the Colorado State University

The CSU collaborated with Dr. David Prawel to make this training possible. Dr. Prawel is a professor in the field of mechanical engineering, and he is also the founder of the Idea-2 Product 3D Printing Laboratory. His experience of 36 years in doing the 3D technology and his teaching profession in 3D printing made him believed that this course will be a great help to many students and individuals who want to learn the technology. Even the companies who benefit from this innovation may want to learn more about it for their own profit.

As Dr. Prawel said, this course will help many people in an easy-to-consume format or way of learning since this is not a hands-on course, but more about learning the software and how the tools are utilized.

Based on the syllabus of the course, it has four modules to complete in order to gain competency: Basic Principles I, Basic Principles II, Additive Processing I, and Additive Processing II. The tuition fee for the Basic Principles I and II is $165 each, and for the Additive Processing I and II, $185 each. The university offers this entire course at $650 for the “Mastery Bundle.” The student or participant will earn a digital badge upon completion of each course, and a Mastery Badge when all the four modules are completed.

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3D Printing Course as Offered Online by the Colorado State University

Each module or course is programmed for a week-long class, but since it is an online course, the students may assemble a class at a time or schedule and at a level that fits their organization or team’s needs.

This program is ideal for any individual who wants to learn and understand the basic of the 3D printing system. The course will cover not only about the technology but also about the challenges and benefits it gives that a company or an individual may take advantage of for the development or enhancement of a system or device. This is a chance and opportunity for anyone to learn how the 3D printing system and its technology can be integrated into the business or projects or researches. Now that many of the middle schools and high schools are beginning to utilize the technology into their current school curriculum, the potential to earn more from teaching it is also something to look forward to.


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