Creating Ceramics through Music and 3D Printing

Creating Ceramics through Music and 3D Printing

Ceramics will forever be in trend. It can be considered as one of the oldest form of art that continually amazed people with the evolution of styles as well as to how they are being created. If you think that making ceramics is just an easy thing, well, you’re wrong. It will require the use of a strong type of equipment that has the wheel, the firing kiln, as well as the items that you can see in between for it to work well. It also needs the hands of an artist who will be responsible in manipulating the machine.


Discovering New Ways of Making Ceramics

It can be very exciting for an artist to have a chance of using the latest type of machine that can help him in creating ceramics. This is a combination of technology and the inspiration of an artist that will surely result in an exceptional work of art. You cannot deny the fact that people are always interested about the new trends in ceramics. This is the reason why people became interested in creating ceramics with the use of sound and 3D printing.

DeltaBolts had captured the attention of ceramic artists not only because they had recently released the Delta-style printer, but also with the different versions that they have offered to their users, wherein they are allowed to look at their craft using a 3D printing that is highly developed, bigger in size, and of the best quality.

Creating Ceramics through Music and 3D Printing

You will notice that the application of 3D printing in ceramics has been already widespread wherein you can consider the works of Olivier Van Herpt and also Ricky Van Broekvhen as great examples. The two designers were recognized for the kind of motivation they have in sharing their own style and ideas through their works like the “Solid Vibrations”. The artwork shows originality where the trembling of sound was incorporated throughout the process of 3D printing in order to create various grooves and new textures to their ceramics. The company had the same goal and had presented a new PulseDrive that combines the 3D printing and music to form amazing ceramics.


Experience Using PulseDrive for Your Ceramics

Artists will surely enjoy using the PulseDrive that they can easily mount on different 3D printers and can be operated as a travelling platform. The bat is made up of aluminum, which is in fact a CNC milled part. You are free to explore different texture and speed in printing your ceramics while using stiff clay for the PulseDrive.


Though the PulseDrive is compatible with any 3D printer, it is recommended that users will go for PotterBot because it is capable of printing larger heights. PulseDrive is the result of the experimentation done by the DeltaBolts team. It allows them to improve the process of working with amplified signals and creating the textures they want. Users can come up with excellent results by combining musical compositions with the right amplitude. Artists can craft fresh new looks for their ceramics as they keep on exploring this type of art while using music and 3D printing.

Creating Ceramics through Music and 3D Printing


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