3D Printing News that Can Blow Your Mind

3D Printing News that Can Blow Your Mind

Do you want your mind blow of some exciting news in hi-tech industry? Check out the video below and you can see what’s going on in science and tech community. There are some good news not only for 3D Printing amateurs, but also for those who are against testing pharmaceutical products on animals.

As been recently reported the worldwide leader in beauty products L’Oreal has partnered with company Organovo to develop 3D bioprinted skin tissue. These tissues will be used for product evaluation and other advance scientific research.

Organovo specializes in growing skin tissues in a 3D environment. Usage of these tissues will mean faster and better quality testing of pharmaceutical products. It can be a start point in a process when animal will no longer be involved in product testing by pharmaceutical companies.

Another exciting news are that researches in London managed to 3D print medications into different shapes. They were curious to know if pill’s shape would affect the release of the drugs. Find out what shape of pill dissolves faster than others by watching the video below. You’ll also hear some other exciting news that could blow your mind.


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