New ‘Inventure’ 3D printer for professional needs developed by Zortrax

New ‘Inventure’ 3D printer for professional needs developed by Zortrax

Nearly every week we observe new 3D printers appear in various parts of the world. But it’s certain that 3D printers that that come from established manufacturers remain in our memory for a longer period of time, which is especially because of higher level of quality and having faith to the brand.

Recently a 3D printer producer from Poland named Zortax unveiled the information about the release of their new 3D printer the Inventure. The company’s name may be famous for the successful M200 3D printer. Now its aim is to provide business markets with reliable, professional and efficient 3D solutions, where investments are justified by top results, quality and safety. They have already managed to keep their reputation in the growing world of 3D printer producers.

New 'Inventure' 3D printer for professional needs developed by Zortrax

The new Inventure 3D printer has been wisely designed and is precise and compact, which can be used for small and medium-sized offices and has the properties and can be seen in 3D printers of top quality.

Among these features we can name dissolvable supportive materials for developing more complex larger objects, a certain printing temperature to develop models of high precision, a closed covering with an HEPA filter to guarantee air quality, double printing heads to guarantee printing from basic and support materials at the same time, cartridges for materials and notification system and embedded display.

New 'Inventure' 3D printer for professional needs developed by Zortrax


The company has optimized and now successfully uses in the Inventure 3D printers the thermoplastic material known as Z-ULTRAT Plus. The material can resist even the minor damage, so it suits perfectly rapid prototyping and printing final objects. The company has even managed to compare their achievements to the components developed through injection mold technology.

According to one of the printer’s designers and Zortrax CEO Rafal Tomasiak their Inventure is so notable for the considerable ease of use and a reasonable price/quality ratio. They all hope that the printer’s capabilities will lead to more professional using this 3D printing technology regularly.


You can use the 3D printing technology when fast prototyping is necessary or you have to develop a small amount of copies of a particular object. Designers, engineers and architects use 3D printers most often, but there also other users starting to use them as well. Every day the company receives more and more inquiry letters from educational establishments, automotive or medical producers.

Just like the company’s first printer, the Inventure has all the necessary parts that one may need to start printing immediately after plugging in the printer. Every Inventure has a cartridge with support materials and the Z-ULTRAT Plus, 3D printing tools and the guidelines for downloading the right software, which help develop 3D models and use them to print through the Zortrax ecosystem.


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