Fill out survey and win a prize from Belgian 3D Printing Start-up

Fill out survey and win a prize from Belgian 3D Printing Start-up

3D printing is gaining its popularity every day. Every day researchers from all over the world find new ways and new spheres to use 3D printers. Students from the Free University of Brussels are not an exception. One of them, Wesly Jacobs, chose 3D printing and its impact on logistics as his thesis research topic. As he says, he got really excited about the technology, that’s why he decided to devote the whole program to it. So far, he has gone deep enough in his research to cover the major part of the technology aspects and has written a large number of various academic papers on it. Those academic papers mainly dealt with covering the possible impact of 3D printing and additive manufacturing on various business spheres, like logistics. Writing those papers, the student got more acquainted with the technology itself and the ways of operating it.

Once you’ve learnt something new, it’s important to remember that technologies are developing all the time and you have to keep up with them. That’s why Wesly follows all the news concerning 3D printing and additive manufacturing and joined the Technological Business Development Project internship. The internship is a good opportunity to bring professors, entrepreneurs and multidisciplinary students together to create a business model focusing on the innovative technology. During the 18 months course they created an online 3D printing business model. They go on studying the possibilities of 3D printing in various fields and hope to improve their business model.


To check their own research young scientists have organized two ex-post market research for consumers and businesses as a double check for their research. The goal of the research is to find out which products really appeal to the consumers and what services would be of value for businesses. It’s clear that most people don’t like to spend their time filling in surveys and questionnaires. That’s why the scientists added some motivation to theirs. Depending on the amount of replies, one or more winner will be raffled to win a 10x10x10cm 3DP of choice (for consumers) and a 3DP of the corporate logo (for businesses). After wrapping up the research, the winners will be announced. You’re welcome to fill in the research. Who knows, maybe you will be chosen winner.


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