Kanèsis HempBioPlastic Material for 3D Printers

Kanèsis HempBioPlastic Material for 3D Printers

Hemp is not for getting high in today’s generation as there are studies that show how weed can be of use when it comes to manufacturing. The long list of benefits that it can provide the industrial sector proves to be very sustainable, natural and eco-friendly. Hemp has been part of many other cultures for thousands of years and some in the US. Even though it has certain issues connecting with marijuana and legalization, the material has various factors that can benefit the people in the future.

With that being said, the material can be a very valuable resource, and it is already being dubbed as the maker’s cannabis. The material cannot get a person high, but an artist can easily create a lot of cool designs from it. The industrial market will get better results by using Hemp in the production.

Kanèsis HempBioPlastic Material for 3D Printers



Giovanni Milazzo and Antonio Caruso are the founders of Kanèsis, and the goals of each man are to use the Hemp seeds for the 3D printing aspect. The 3D printing community has been following the company ever since its birth and how the establishment can convince the whole community with its alternative filament.

The Kanèsis is one ambitious project as the Italian founders already have a growing team and are pushing a campaign over at Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign now also has its first patent application for the HempBioPlastic or HBP. This is a bio-composite material that is mostly composed of recycled Hemp and can help 3D printer makers create better quality designs and models. The Kanèsis group hopes to garner at least $30, 000 by the end of next month.

Kanèsis HempBioPlastic Material for 3D Printers

The campaign can help the team maintain its independence and the decision-making autonomy. Giovanni Milazzo and Antonio Caruso seeks not to overlook these factors during the early stages of the company as it can prove very vital in the years to come.

Over at Indiegogo, the supporters may have the chance of ordering a 100-gram sample of HPB or a grinder for the material for $10. For a more upbeat promo, interested buyers may have the opportunity to bring home a 700-gram reel of HPB for only $39-$44. Prices depend on the volume of orders such as the company’s wholesale package of $320.

The HPB material is proven to be more authentic and high quality because of the wood resemblance. The material comes in a natural brown color, and it is 100% organic which makes it toxic less. Also, the eco-friendly feature makes it a better choice over the PLA and ABS materials. The material is proven to be stronger, more flexible and lighter compared to other filaments. Also, the best feature of the material is it is more affordable compared to other materials.

Kanèsis HempBioPlastic Material for 3D Printers

The Kanèsis team believe that the HPB will be a big thing in the future, and more sectors will be using the thermoplastics. The team is now focused on how the HPB can be of help in the Agri-tech, apparel, and packaging and also in the automotive area.


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