Andreas Haeuser’s Adorable, Cheap, and Extremely-functional 3D-Printed Lawn Mower

Andreas Haeuser’s Adorable, Cheap, and Extremely-functional 3D-Printed Lawn Mower

A huge number of people devote their time and efforts in keeping the garden and lawn neat. Because having a pristine garden or yard is very important, people often have to endure very expensive lawn mowers or cheap ones that work for just a few months before they become an exercise in patience for the users. Fortunately, 3D printing technology and the skills of one man are here to save the day for countless of home owners.

Andreas Haeuser, a very experienced aeronautical engineer, has put his expertise and passion to good use, particularly when it concerns regular people who want access to functional and very important home devices at a fraction of the normal costs. His past inventions, using mostly 3D-printed objects are both aimed at making nature as healthy as possible and in making the wallets of users pinch-free.

Andreas Haeuser’s Adorable, Cheap, and Extremely-functional 3D-Printed Lawn Mower

The 3D printing community was able to witness his eco-friendly fabrications in the form of a wind-powered turbine and a Stirling engine that operates using the energy of the sun. Both inventions have very practical purposes and works extremely well despite the low-cost prices the projects entail. His latest invention, the Ardumower, works behind the same principle of a nature and budget-friendly device that everyone can easily fall in love with.

Apparently based on the engine that drives it, an Arduino Motorboard and an Arduino Uno, this 3D-printed lawn mower does what traditional lawn mowers do. Using a rechargeable battery, homeowners can use the Ardumower for about two hours at the most. The battery’s duration should be enough to power the lawn mower and do the job required to complete the task of mowing a regular-sized lawn. A “Boundary Wire Fence” or a BWF keeps the lawn mower within the boundary. How the setup is done is all explained in very simple terms in his manual.

Andreas Haeuser’s Adorable, Cheap, and Extremely-functional 3D-Printed Lawn Mower

For only $12.95, interested parties can get very detailed instructions and STL files from his website. The reason behind the use of the Arduino engine is to make it as easy to make and control as possible. It only involves a little bit of electronics and some nifty engineering directions, which are all explained comprehensively and in very simple terms in his website. Additionally, the Ardumower can be produced from any printer having a 180 x 180 x 60 build volume. The creator prefers using his reliable Mendelmax 1.5 and Prusa i3 3D printers to do the job.


The estimate cost of building the Ardumower is around $300, which is ridiculously way below the usual prices on the market. A functional lawn mower costs close to $900 while the heavy-duty type with excellent durability verges on the obscene. Because of 3D printing, parts can also be replaced at any time with very minimal costs. It allows home owners the chance to own the lawn mower for a long time as broken pieces can be reprinted in no time.

Anyone interested can get a first-hand experience of how lawn mowing is done using 21st technology at its best. Lawn mowing has never looked more attractive until this time with Haeuser’s 3D-printed Ardumower.


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