OrthoForm & OmniForm Releases, Structo Also in Development of New Material

OrthoForm & OmniForm Releases, Structo Also in Development of New Material

Structo 3D is a company that values the importance of moving forward and improving their products for the benefit of their consumers. They have recently launched the OrthoForm and OmniForm, two very new 3D printers that will function in tandem with their main product, the RapidForm industrial printer. Inside3D in Singapore has just put them on display late the past month.

With a very impressive liquid crystal masking technology, Structo 3D has placed itself on the map when it comes to the world of 3D printing. The new technology virtually permits the printers made by the company to function at incredible speeds, even up to ten times quicker than most of the SLA machines that are out today. Though both the new 3D printers feature smaller structures, they are still a source of pride for Structo 3D.

OrthoForm & OmniForm Releases, Structo Also in Development of New Material

When it comes to potential use, the OrthoForm was crafted for the benefit of those in the dental market, which has taken a particular interest in 3D printer for many functions and purposes. The OmniForm, on the other hand, has a larger build height, which means that it could be more adaptable to the needs of the who are in architecture, industrial design, medicine and even bureaus that use 3D printing services.

Huub van Esbroeck, one of the four founders of the Structo brand has a lot to say about the 3D printing industry and the achievements of his company. He said that when they were just getting to their first ropes just three years prior, they were astounded at the relatively slow pace of the 3D printing market even when the process was always treated as a way to exhibit speedy prototyping. They wanted to come up with something that’s relatively fresh and fast when it comes to SLA printing, while also retaining the precise printing capability that is prominent in most 3D printers in the market.


The OrthoForm could certainly be very useful to the dental market because a lot of people need retainers and aligners. 3D printing could speed up the process of manufacturing them. What makes it a better investment is that it doesn’t cost as much to create the dental parts and patients won’t need to pay a lot for a high quality dental fixture. One of the amazing feats of the OrthoForm is its capability to print as much as 28 model oral arches within two hours or less. The prints even yield high quality constructs.

Structo 3D has also added more when it comes to their vision for the user experience. The company would also release a material that’s made in-house with the name Structomer. They have already taken the initiative to collaborate with many high-caliber research institutes to be able to make a range of engineering and biocompatible materials for their 3D printing machines. It’s a great way to present more flexible options for their consumers around the world. After all, the 3D printing industry is already affecting many other businesses and trades.


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