New 3D Printer Filaments By Arianeplast

New 3D Printer Filaments By Arianeplast

Arianeplast is a new company that is currently working to produce new supplies for FDM printers. Their business is connected with producing top quality products using the best raw materials and technologies that exist at present. The filaments they develop are compatible with the majority of FDM printers (well-known PLA and ABS filaments). They also produce some unusual products, including ASA UV resistant. They are about to start producing exclusive filament fiber laser marking, which will be available in all of their workshops.

This new type of filament enables stable and accurate marking on the places where barcodes are printed, as well as marking decorative objects and other possible applications for companies and individual users. You can use the filament with nearly any of the printers that currently exist including Printrbot, Makerbot, RepRap Spiderbot, Witbox and others. It is not necessary to heat the plate before printing. In order to do marking you will have to use a laser type fiber 1064nm wavelength, which is common in marking of advertising objects.

New 3D Printer Filaments By Arianeplast

The frequency may range between 20 and 30 kHz. Darker or brighter markings can be achieved if you vary the speed and power settings. Cutters and attention engravers that are widely used in laser Fablabs will not work with ASA UV as they might spoil the printable parts.

The filament is packed in coils of 500g. It is available in two sizes – 1.75 and 2.85mm. It costs € 49.90. At present the only colour available is white with shades of grey.

The Arianeplast campaign has recently started on Kickstarter. If it is a success, they will be able to add new colours. They may even try doing marking in several colours. They are also thinking of developing new products for 3D printing sphere.


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