American Standard Shows Off 3D Printed Residential Faucets

American Standard Shows Off 3D Printed Residential Faucets

The value in putting forward the aesthetic aspect of home improvement is that you would be able to show off your creativity and your desire for something unique. Though a harrowing task, building or renovating your house can be a very fulfilling task, especially when you see the results that would eventually come from your efforts.

One of the most important—and easily noticeable—spaces in a home is the kitchen. And when it comes to the kitchen, most people tend not to observe the table or the cutlery, but the sink area. They observe the quality and the cleanliness of the faucet. After all, it’s where they would wash their hands before and after a meal.

There are many choices for an appealing faucet. You can get the cheap stainless steel type, or one with a more sophisticated design & color scheme. You can take a look at faucets in the hardware store and you can see a lot of them. But the thing is that the faucets that are on display are all pre-made.

American Standard Shows Off 3D Printed Residential Faucets

American Standard is one of the most recognizable companies when it comes to household materials and parts. As one of the leading brands in home improvement, it presents consumers with new ways on how to make their homes their own, so to speak. The company is now in the business of 3D printing. They would utilize 3D printers to open up a huge degree of customization for consumers to take advantage of.

Using SLS, metal 3D printing—which is a safe and unhazardous process—would allow builders and homeowners to add a touch of creativity to how they would want the parts of their home to look like.

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American Standard Shows Off 3D Printed Residential Faucets

The printing process itself would take some time, but it would be well worth the wait because then you would be able to get the custom item that you need to make your home your own. In a 24-hour process a laser beam that’s guided by a computer would shape the faucet with powdered metal, high heat and pressure. The output isn’t still smoothed out or shaped accurately, but it would achieve its desired shape and texture after some hand finishing and a butler finishing process.

American Standard has already made some prototypes of the 3D printed faucets. They would show it at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show or the KBIS in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. The show would feature their DXV line of residential faucets. They look elegant and unique and they were all made possible with the use of 3D printing technology.

American Standard Shows Off 3D Printed Residential Faucets

3D printers and how they work would be the next step in cutting-edge crafting, not only in terms of technology, but also in the method of creating such materials. American Standard is actually very excited and proud about their ‘game-changing new products’. 2016 would really be a very interesting year for crafting, home improvement and technology. What seems to be a showcase of prototypes would actually be the coming of a new wave of options for the homeowner, the crafter and the artist.


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