Spidey, 3D printed open-source DIY parametric robot

Spidey, 3D printed open-source DIY parametric robot

There are good news for 3D printing lovers who are also interested in Robot construction by yourself. An open-source robot Spidey can now be made with 3D printed structure part and standard on-shelf electronics.

Sidney is a highly customizable robot as you can easily change its design and settings. What about adding additional leg or sensor to the robot? Or probably you’d prefer to change the electronics. The parts of Spidey were designed with help of free and open-source tool OpenSCAD.

Spidey, 3D printed open-source DIY parametric robot

All you need to build your own robot are 12 XL-320 actuators, a controller, the OpenCM9.04 (type B), a battery and screws, nuts etc. The rest, including legs and body parts, can be printed on any 3D printer at home. It can take about 12 hours to print all the details for Spidey.

All the files, parts list, guidelines and advices of the team that developed this robot can be found on GitHub website. Approximate cost of this robot model is about 450 USD.


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