New $30 million 3D printing centre is launched by NTU

New $30 million 3D printing centre is launched by NTU

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore opened a $30 million 3D printing research centre on Monday, May 26 to introduce new methods of using the technology for such areas as medicine and construction. The centre is supported by the Economic Development Board, and it focuses partially on printing the human tissues and biomedical mechanisms like scaffolds to regrow bone. Several agreements with a number of companies have been signed aiming at to developing 3D-printed products for their fields, and is currently taking part in discussions with others.

NTU also signed a $5 million contract on Monday with SLM solutions, an important 3D printer producer, concerning the development new generation of printers that are capable of printing far bigger products than the existing ones. Some day, for instance, printers will be used to print out construction substances for buildings. According to the agreement, both parties will work together to create new substances, combinations and procedures for 3D printing.

Chief Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development Lee Yi Shyan declared during center’s opening ceremony that Singapore must view 3D printing as a vital technological breakthrough for manufacturing.


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