Nescafe enhances their jars with 3D-printed alarm clock

Nescafe enhances their jars with 3D-printed alarm clock

The well-known coffee brand is trying to renew their brand by bringing up new 3D printing technology to coffee industry. A limited quantity of just 200 Nescafe jars is about to be sold out all over the world. Unique feature of these jars is technicolor new 3D-printed lid with alarm clock inside.

This wonderful idea was brought by NotLabs together with Publicis Mexico. The lid of the jar is 3D-printed inside and out. There are two outside designs presented by Shapeways and one inside by NotLabs printed on its Makerbot  3D printers. Creators placed OLED screen and a joystick on the underside of the lid to help in programming of alarm easily.

Nescafe enhances their jars with 3D-printed alarm clock

Alarm has seven gently awaken sounds that can make each morning better. In addition, the lid has light patterns that the company is calling out to be stimulating so this combination of alarm and coffee can help sleepy people to fell cheerfulness of the mornings. There is no snooze button on this alarm. It can only be turned off when the lid is untwisted and removed.

Check the other details out in the video below.

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