The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai

The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai

Dubai is known for having a luxurious way of life that other countries surely desire. It is the most populated city of United Arab Emirates where global dealings are expected to take place as they distribute high-tech products. Business transactions usually happen in various offices in the place or in the surroundings. But that’s not all because Dubai will present you what future construction looks like that will definitely amaze you.


How Dubai Had Constructed a 3D Printed Building

The idea of using 3D printing technology for construction and architecture was set aside you will surely feel surprised that Dubai had successfully created an office building with the use of 3D printing. It is fully functional construction that was inaugurated by the His Highness Shaikh Mohammad, UAE’s Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, and the Vice President. The building is just a part of the Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy that was already declared and outlined.

The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai

They have completed the 3D printed building for 17 days where they have fabricated a top and a bottom unit. Dubai Future Foundation will use this as a temporary building that you can find on the premises of the Emirates Towers. The design of the building was integrated to the common needs of people such as water, electricity, air-conditioning, and telecommunications.

The building measures around 2,000 square meters that provide enough space for the team to work that can also be used as a venue for meetings between industry experts and consultants. It can also be a perfect place for workshops and exhibitions that can provide people with a healthy and a happy environment.

The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai

By using a 20 feet high 3D printer that is 40 feet wide and 120 feet long, that building was fabricated including its structural components, detailing, and pieces of furniture that you can find inside. The 3D printer also has a robotic arm that is becoming a usual thing when producing 3d printed objects from smaller to a larger scale.

The materials that were used to 3D print the building include fiber reinforced plastic, glass fiber gypsum, and reinforced concrete that was all tested in China and UK for their efficiency. There is also an arc shape that was constructed to provide additional support and integrity to the building.

The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai

The project was supported by the National Innovation Committee in UAE together with Sheikh Mohammad, Vice President, Dubai Ruler, and the Prime Minister of Dubai. They believed that this can exemplify the 3D printing technology, enhance efficiency, and improve the economy in Dubai.  The 3D Printing Strategy in Dubai focuses on three important sectors which are the construction, consumer products, and the medical products.

With the introduction of this technology, the construction industry will obtain the following benefits:

  • It will reduce the production time by 50-70 percent.
  • 50-80 percent will be saved for the labor cost.
  • There will be lesser construction waste.

The Inauguration of the First 3D Printed Building in Dubai

The creation of the 3D printed building will serve as a model in producing new constructions without the need of spending much that can also offer portability when needed. This will be an exciting trend that the world should watch out for the coming days.


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