Healthy 3D Printed Food By Goahead Digital Agency

Healthy 3D Printed Food By Goahead Digital Agency

Goahead Digital Agency has one strong intention – to become a 3D printing European company to develop 3D printed food. Currently there are lots of new 3D printing projects, but this team wants to make one huge step forward. To make their plan come true they have to raise €30.000, half of which they intend to get with the help of crowdfunding. The start of productions is scheduled on February, 2016. To make it more interesting they are going to start with Belgium chocolate. The designer of the team and their partners will develop and suggest various objects and shapes of different taste so as to improve their products.

Healthy 3D Printed Food By Goahead Digital AgencyMany of you may be interested to know what SmartFood 3D printing is. Smart food is developed with either improved or newly developed processes that is with the changes that don’t happen naturally, but are the result of human interference in the process.

Smart food may serve not only for supplying the organism with nutrients and organisms. They may fulfill the function that common foods can’t perform. Initially this type of food was created for some special application, but as time goes by, it may become suitable for everyday use by the majority of consumers.

This project implies creating so-called “intelligent food” and giving it unconventional form. 3D printing food includes various kinds, like chocolate. The technology provides a wide range of possibilities to make the project come true.

Healthy 3D Printed Food By Goahead Digital Agency

GoAhead team intends to produce healthy 3D printed food and to remain on friendly terms with the environment. The hope to transform beet leaves, algae and spirulina into well-known attractive products. This is also a way to make food more personalized, to make it satisfy individual needs and preferences in food. SmartFood 3D printing may identify the beginning of the era of intelligent food connected with the names of prominent brands and chefs.

GoAhead works together with biochemists and nutritionists teams, so that their food could satisfy the daily need of our bodies in energy and microelements. A team of designers, in their turn, does their best to make food look attractive and unique.

Healthy 3D Printed Food By Goahead Digital Agency

The company has already received several orders from the clients, but to fulfill them they need support and funding. At first, the need to raise 15.000 €. The raised sum of money will be spent on creating the first collection of Smartfood Choco 3D Design Models. To do this they will use equipment (3D model, 3D printer and customization edible printing), raw materials and packaging.

To boost crowdfunding GoAhead has developed a special Donation/Support formula to let you try Smartfood and the unique 3D printed chocolates.


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