XOCO 3D Chocolate Printer

XOCO 3D Chocolate Printer

If you love chocolates, this is the latest chocolate craze you should know. The 3D printed chocolates or known as the XOCO printer chocolates is the new innovation from the 3D printing technology. Now that the 3D printing system is advancing, Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp designs a chocolate printer using this technology. His passion and expertise in the said technology and his desire to offer an efficient and stylish solution to sweet shops or restaurants are what pushed him to do the design.

Years ago, this concept was already discussed and agreed upon by Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp together with his friend Nikhil Velpanur. They were very interested to pursue this project, probably because they both loved chocolates. But despite the interests and the concept, they were not able to pursue the project. Now, Michiel decided to pursue it, and with some enhancement and inclusion of graphical details, the XOCO 3D chocolate printer was finally completed. It is good that there are mobile apps to maximize at this time, and the technology of the 3D printing system is already advanced.

XOCO 3D Chocolate Printer

The XOCO 3D Chocolate Printer is a device designed to create customized chocolate shapes and objects. This device shows that such innovative 3D Printing is not only applicable to technological industries, but also to the food industry. The main aim in the development of this device is to provide high class or low class restaurants, food shops, culinary schools, and chefs a machine that can print and create different shapes and objects using edible and delectable chocolates.

This simple machine has a rotating build plate and pillar encased in a dome-like glass. The glass dome is intentionally chosen to allow visibility of the process. It will be a nice view to watch how the machine creates the objects using the melted chocolates, adding a different experience as you wait for your customized chocolates.

The printing process actually involves the use of a mobile application, which means that, it operates through the application in the mobile. You will select the object or shape you want to be printed or customized from a variety of chocolate models provided in the mobile app. Whether you want white milk, dark chocolate, sweet chocolate, or other flavored and colored chocolates, the innovative concept of this design is the latest confectionary tool to enjoy. There is a base under the glass that has a multi-color LED ring. It is designed to guide the users throughout the process of printing.

XOCO 3D Chocolate Printer

Once you decided with the shape or object through the mobile app, the next step is to put the preferred chocolate flavor to the machine. It will heat up first as the initial process, and when the chocolate is heated, it will go on to the next step, the printing process. The LED light shows when the process is done.

The device is successful, but its developer is still thinking of other concepts to create a better one. Perhaps, he wants to create a XOCO 3D printer that can print a wide variety of designs and objects.



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