Foodini 3D Printer: Experience How the Future Microwave Works?

Foodini 3D Printer: Experience How the Future Microwave Works?

Lynette Kucsma, the co-founder of Natural Machines, believes that someday the used of food 3D printer will become popular just like how people use the oven. Because food 3D printing is at its early stage, the crowd is not yet impressed with this idea.  The industry is trying to come up with a food 3D printer that people will find useful everyday but unfortunately, the models presented still needs to be improved. This is also the problem with Foodini, a food 3D printer.

Foodini 3D Printer: Experience How the Future Microwave Works?

One of the weaknesses that were recently discovered when using Foodini is that you will have to use the actual food material for 3D printing. When it comes to the function of the food 3D printer, it is only applicable to foods that can transform into a paste which is suitable for frosting, hummus, doughs, and chocolates. The texture of the food is a common issue that you will encounter when using Foodini like when creating a 3d printed pizza that still requires cooking.


Benefits of Using Foodini

Foodini can offer people amazing benefits associated with food and meal planning. You can program Foodini with the amount of calorie needed by your body. However, the use of Foodini in the future can help people customized food mixtures with the capability of controlling the printer with your smart devices.

Foodini 3D Printer: Experience How the Future Microwave Works?

Natural Machines is making efforts on how they can make Foodini a must-have in the kitchen. Nowadays, this 3D printer is useful to restaurants because it can perform repetitive tasks. Staffs can focus on doing other things in the kitchen that makes it easier for them to prepare foods. Foodini is a perfect machine that can be used in creating appetizers and desserts in different shapes.

When it comes to the importance of Foodini for home use, you will still find it unnecessary. Instead of saving you time, you will realize that using the machine will just require you to follow added steps. It only means that Natural Machines should present Foodini in a way that people will find it useful from day to day.

Foodini 3D Printer: Experience How the Future Microwave Works?

Various food retailers and manufacturers contacted Natural Machines to provide them with food capsules. They are also looking forward to the possibility of delivering fresh foods from natural ingredients. Even if this sounds impossible, Natural Machines is doing their part in creating a model that can be efficient for cooking.

The Future for Foodini

With all the products that you can make using a 3D printer, you will notice that it doesn’t have much benefit when talking about its application at home. Like for example, you can actually print a knob using the 3D printer, however, this situation rarely occurs.

Creating a 3D printer that can be applied in preparing different kinds of foods is the only way that can change how people think about having their own 3D printer at home. This is why Natural Machines try to develop Foodini so it will become useful to people’s everyday lives especially when preparing their meals.

Foodini 3D Printer: Experience How the Future Microwave Works?

Source: TechInsider


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