3D Printed Training Shoes Unveiled by Under Armour

3D Printed Training Shoes Unveiled by Under Armour

Under Armour is a popular brand of shoes, and as it continues to produce more highly innovated models, the demand for a more versatile line of shoes also rises. The company learned about the 3D printing and it is now looking at it as one efficient concept that should be highly optimized for the creation of a more efficient and quality footwear. The Under Armour now unveils a new design of shoes designed using the 3D printing from the Autodesk software.

The Under Armour Architech is the new shoe built for the individuals who need a multi-purpose and versatile shoe for a wide range of activities. With its design, an athlete may not need to have different types of shoe for different purposes. There is support and cushioning included in its technology, giving assurance that whatever activity they wish to participate in, this shoe is efficient enough to keep them on the go. The Architech boasts of its 3D printed midsole of latticed design, and it is lightweight and of great comfort and stability just like what the other traditional shoes are made of. It offers the “ultimate stability and cushioning” for all types of workouts, activities, and exercises.

3D Printed Training Shoes Unveiled by Under Armour

The Architech is designed using the 3D design software of Autodesk, and not from the usual CAD program. This software allows for modern optimization of complex algorithms for the efficient processing of design. The software package used is the Autodesk Within, and this software uses the design of the object, including the maximum weight, the maximum amount of pressure and stress that it can resist, the expected durability, and the size and form of the object, for the production of the lattice design fit for the object.

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The concept of the Autodesk Within is to learn the algorithm on its own through the mistakes and failures, and use them to create a better design. After testing a design, in case there is failure, the system will use the failure to see where it failed, and then modify the design until it comes up with the perfect one. The Within system is designed to be able to go through different possible solutions and designs to finally form a more optimal design of shoe, and this is what the Under Armour wants.

3D Printed Training Shoes Unveiled by Under Armour

The Autodesk Within is now used widely for a more generatively design. Its ability to produce lattice design and a more functional design within a few minutes, and the best structure it can produce, makes it the future of the shoe construction technology. Soon it will become a CAD software, and the Within will definitely be the first to have it.

The Architech as the new Under Armour shoe model will soon be released and become available to the market. It will sell on a market price of $300 per pair and will only be available on a limited edition. As of now, the 3D printing is being utilized by the Under Armour for the creation of the sole of its shoes, and eventually, it will be the basic of all the UA shoe designs.


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