3D Printing Café Was Opened In Barcelona

3D Printing Café Was Opened In Barcelona

It happened, the first 3d printing café named FabCafé was opened in Barcelona, Spain, last Thursday. Just imagine that you can go to the café enjoy your morning coffee meanwhile 3d printing something that you created or downloaded yesterday. Perhaps it could be normal soon like currently it is normal to have Wi-Fi spots in many cafés.

Of course it is not so easy as using Wi-Fi – the amount of 3d printers is limited and you possibly need to wait a little bit in a line. Employees of the café would be happy to assist all customers who want to print something and help them in using 3d printers and other machines and other machines.

3D Printing Café Was Opened In Barcelona

The idea is to start associating these digital fabrication tools – laser cutter, 3D printers, these types of tools with an everyday environment, such as a coffee shop,” says Cecilia Tham, FabCafe director and founder.

Barcelona is the third city in the FabCafé network along with FabCafé in Tokyo and another one in Taipei.


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