3D Ashfield Orthotics Design Custom Orthotics in Canada

3D Ashfield Orthotics Design Custom Orthotics in Canada

Pedorthists (or as they are sometimes called podiatrists) have always been responsible for evaluating and designing custom foot orthotics. As a rule the production takes place in a lab, it uses CNC manufacturing, which takes weeks to make them ready.

A new clinic named Ashfield Orthotics: A Foot Clinic, Inc., has become a kind of a disruptor in this field of orthotics. The new laboratory allows producing custom made orthotics in about three days! There is no other enterprise or clinic in Canada that can suggest the same kind of service in such little time. The secret is using 3D printing in orthotic production. There is no such a lab that would give young 3D designers time to work with their equipment.

Ashfield Orthotics needs further development and innovating. However, it is a bit hardened as the laboratory needs a scanner of high resolution, a specific printer and special software for design. Scientists from the clinic have carried out some research, the results of which are the following.

The most suitable machine for printing custom foot orthotics is the LulzBot TAZ. It features dual extruders, a heated bed, open-source architecture and a large form factor.

3D Ashfield Orthotics Design Custom Orthotics in Canada

Autodesk is the only company to possess global resources and enough experience in designing and scanning. Lately they have acquired Delcam (the leader in orthotic technology) and now can be proud to possess ortho-specific software and 3D scanners.

All these technologies make such a way of foot orthotics production very special, no other company in that region provides such services. And it’s not just the quickness of the method, but it’s also a wide range of materials available, better accuracy and more efficient orthotic treatment that make this clinic and lab so valuable.

There is an Indiegogo campaign, which you are welcome to join. Depending on what support you can offer, you will be able to get some benefits including a chance to build your designs for free, or to have your name as a recognition on the clinic wall, a chance to go to the Regina Folk festival having tickets and accommodation included and some more.

If some of you happen to think that the company has enough money for the project and donation is not required, we should tell you that in reality they are far from that. One of the reasons for it are low prices for their clients. If there is no possibility for you to make financial donation, another way to help is to use social networks to tell the globe about the project.


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