3D Printing For Cake Decoration Brings Joy

3D Printing For Cake Decoration Brings Joy

Sweetology is one of the first decorating stores that deal with cakes, cupcakes and cookies. It is a store where one can express his or her decoration abilities in bakery and combine traditions of cake decorating and fun. The activity has no limits except for your imagination.

Sweetology started in 1979, after Kara got a birthday cake from her mother. That was the first cake that later inspired Kara and her friend to start the project. These days Sweetology has become a place where people of all ages can realize their creative potential. Recently Sweetology has started a campaign on Kickstarter in order to raise money to buy a 3D printer and to introduce edible painting and 3D chocolate making.

3D Printing For Cake Decoration Brings Joy

They aim to raise $20,000 to buy a 3D Chocolate Printer and airbrush technology to increase creativity and provide more fun. If they manage to raise more, for instance $45,000, they will be able to get their business on the road and purchase the Sweetmobile – the mobile decorating bar. Gaining $75,000 will allow them start the e-commerce business and bring Sweetology to each and every house at any time. That is what they dream about and hope to achieve.

Indeed Sweetology will let you make all the cakes and cookies very personal and special. Imagine if you could decorate a birthday cake for your friend with a 3D printed chocolate figurine of her. Or else, how happy you son will be to have a 3D printed chocolate truck on top of a cake. If Sweetology gets enough money, probably they will be able to open a new store in any city.

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3D Printing For Cake Decoration Brings Joy

If you have decided to become a Sweetology backer, you need to do the following: as you view their website, choose the backer levels and rewards on offer. They warn that rewards are not seen if you view the site on the smartphone. The company cares that you get a reward for your support. So here are some of the possible ones: Valentine’s day cupcake kits, decorating parties (including team-building parties and girls night out), edible chocolate images and various others. Look through the list of them and choose the one you desire. In addition, do not forget to share the page with your family and friends.

Sweetology is a start-up, but it has proven to have no risks. It is in high demand, it brings a lot of joy and it works.



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