After The Latest Update Adobe Photoshop Supports 3D Printing

After The Latest Update Adobe Photoshop Supports 3D Printing

Recently Adobe announced their new update to popular Photoshop CC. This update is mainly intended to simplify the 3D printing process. Including this update to their most popular product, there is no doubt that Adobe has finally decided to reel into the world of Addictive Manufacturing.

Previously there were a lot of compatibility related problems between 3D designs created by 3d modeling software and 3D printers. It led to the fact that designers were often uncertain whether models they created will really be printed as it was expected. Thanks to the new update for Photoshop CC most of the compatibility problems have been resolved and in theory designers could not afraid that their models will be printed not as expected.

According to Photoshop’s product manager Andy Lauta: “Photoshop CC will not exactly be a primary 3D designing tool but more of a finishing tool that designers can use to carry out the final touch-ups to prepare a model for 3D printing”. The program allows designers to add color or texture to their 3D modeled objects before printing.

One more thing that we want to mention is that with this update direct printing has been made compatible with the MakerBot Replicator and 3D Systems Cube desktop printers. These are two of the most popular 3D desktop printers and now Photoshop CC has built-in access to their 3D printing capabilities. Also if you do not have your own 3D printer but still want to print out your models, Photoshop CC permits users to print directly to Shapeways giving you an added opportunity of getting to choose the printing materials you prefer.


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