Understand Your Cats Language with the 3D Printed Catterbox

Understand Your Cats Language with the 3D Printed Catterbox

Having a furry, meowing friend at home is always a source of delight and happiness to feline fanciers. It has been observed that cats only meow to humans as if trying to tell its owner something. Cats are responsive whenever you converse with it. Each meow and purr may mean something, but how will you know? It has been perceived that cats are quite hard to understand, which is why the Temptations Lab finds a new innovation using the latest 3D printing Technology to inject more fun in the relationships between cats and owners. The Temptations Lab is a scientific sounding research team of Temptations, a famous manufacturer of treats for cats. They understand your concern in developing deeper appreciation to and from your cats, and to help you, all cat lovers out there achieve this desire they designed a device that will translate the cat’s meows into various languages and accent you can understand.

Before this device was maid and conceptualized, the Temptations studied the cats and their behavior. The way they meow to owners or adult, or the way they lick the owner or do their head -buts from time to time are carefully studied. There is actually a scientific approach to its development based on the way the cats communicate to human, especially to their owners. Seeing the cats responding to owners, they just knew that there is something that the cats are trying to tell.

Mar’s Temptations Lab developed a device called Catterbox. It is a 3D Printed cat collar that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. This cat collar is designed to translate the cat’s meows into the language that human understands. The device does this by analyzing the noises of the cat and then plays a pre-recorded human voice as a response. For now, it is a simple translation for human understanding, but with the innovation of the 3D printing system, this device will surely become improved in the near future.

Understand Your Cats Language with the 3D Printed Catterbox

To make it more interesting and enjoyable, these 3D printed cat collars or known as Catterbox, are connected to an application through Bluetooth. This app allows the owners to choose what accent or kind of voice they want to hear from the cat. If you want your female cat to speak Australian, French, British, or English, this app will help you do it easily. This collar is also available in four different colors to fit your cats.

According to its developer, this collar is intended to make cat and human relationship stronger and better. By hearing your cats respond to you whenever you talk to them, you will definitely love your cat more. But then again, this is still a pre-recorded human voice, and, although cat responses naturally, their response is still probably an uncertain thing. Treating your cats as a full family member is now made even more fun and enjoyable for you as the owner, and also for your cats as your pets. They surely want to talk to you in such a language you understand.


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