3D printed wearable baby monitor

3D printed wearable baby monitor

Taking a quick look at their smart phones adults can then relax having got the information concerning their kid’s location and the signs of life at the fingertips. Recently Rest Devices have started sending mimo linked baby garments to shops all over the USA. This piece of clothes for kids employs a lilypad – a sensor sewn into each item to gain full data about their kids which is sent through a plastic turtle-shaped gadget to smart phones. This company refers to 3D printed rapid prototypes as to something that makes it possible for them to remain on top. In fact, these garments are really cute. Apart from that, the turtle-gadget records baby’s motions, gestures, breath, position and some physiological rates. Through bluetooth the data is sent to the phones and using some easy-to-use application. What’s more this app allows parents to listen to their babies real-time. Parents will feel safe about their kids having all that vitally important information, especially when they know that stomach sleeping know as a symptom of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can be quickly recognized.

3D printed wearing monitor

We’ve already mentioned the suite to be functional, but, besides, it looks rather cool. Actually, it is a high-tech baby kimono suit. The turtle-slide is soft, resembles a stripe of cloth that covers the entire garment which is good for collecting the necessary data. The outfit is a good combination of high technology and baby sweetness. Mimo is a completely soft cotton garment and the sensor pads are sewn in on the hips.

The technological baby outfit goes in sets consisting of 3 pieces of garment and a small turtle monitor, all together available at $200. The range of sizes is not so large: 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 months.


The producer of Mimo Rest Devices makes the rapid prototypes with Marketbot Replicator 2, a 3D printer which employs technology of fused deposition modeling to make 3D printed things as a resolution of 100 microns.

Rest Devices co-developers D. Madden and Th. Lipoma guide a group of workers who make use of Autodesk 3D software to produce 3D models that would be sent to Replicator 2. In this procedure, 3D printing is of great importance to the whole process, claims Lipoma.

Rest Devices claim that 3 opponents have appeared in baby monitor clothes market. With 3D printing they save time for designing and producing, thus remaining ahead of their opponents.


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