Cosplayers Would Enjoy 3D Printed Costumes from Zortrax

Cosplayers Would Enjoy 3D Printed Costumes from Zortrax

Desktop 3D printers have quite the impact on many industries. They have transformed the realms of medicine, business, and construction. But a niche field has definitely taken its shot at 3D printing and it’s enjoying every bit of it: props making. For years, props have either been made solely by hand or by a complex machine process. Since its arrival to the masses, 3D printing technology has become a pool of many possibilities for everyone.

Zortrax is a company that creates props and costumes with the use of 3D printers. They have designed and produced items that are of high quality. They make robotic arms, masks, helmets and other items that would fit a science fiction or fantasy movie. They have also 3D printed a MIDI controller.

Cosplayers Would Enjoy 3D Printed Costumes from Zortrax

One of their latest crafts is a cowl that takes its inspiration from the Caped Crusader, Batman. This unit may look like a simple bust, but it has individual parts that can be dismantled and reconnected in order to fit the head of any cosplayer or costume enthusiast.

Piotr Czyżewski, a designer for Zortrax, has created some highly detailed Cosplay designs with the use of the 3D printing technology. He has made a cowl that would show off the capability of 3D printers, especially when it comes to providing detailed parts that are made just from a desktop 3D printer. While the back of the cowl features a spine-like design, the front has an imposing character’s face. The eyes have LEDs that would sell the graphic element that is meant to be conveyed.

Cosplayers Would Enjoy 3D Printed Costumes from Zortrax

There are 46 individual parts in the cowl. They were cut in Z-Suite and printed over an 11-day period. The parts were screwed together afterwards. The amount of detail was very prominent that no actual post-processing techniques were necessary.

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While the cowl certainly takes time to complete, Zortrax has provided an instructional guide for people to download. Now, everyone can make their own 3D printed Dark Knight helmet that looks as badass as it sounds. You would need 3 mm screws, four 12-volt LED lights, an Allen wrench, cables, a 12V power supply, glue and a soldering iron for when you would wire the LED lights and the power supply.

Cosplayers Would Enjoy 3D Printed Costumes from Zortrax

You should note that the dimensions of this design are meant to act as a bust, so you may have to adjust the measurements of the cowl in order to make it fit your head if you want to use it for cosplaying purposes. Zortrax is merely giving you the blueprint for such an artistic thing; you can play with it anyway you want because everyone is encouraged to improvise and be creative.

The cowl from Zortrax is only the beginning of something that would very much change the realm of cosplaying and costume-making.


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