Jet- ABS (3mm, Green color) Filament on Spool

Jet- ABS (3mm, Green color) Filament on Spool

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Brand name: Jet
Avg. price: $36.00
Part number: 3mABSgreen1kgAMZ
Color: Green
Item weight: 2.2 pounds


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Material Description

PLA, ABS filaments are the printing supplies for 3D Printers (e.g., RepRap, MakeBot).1.75mm & 3mm diameter ABS or PLA.

Common colors available.

Rare colors can be manufactured upon order.

3D printer has been used by designers, engineers and scientists to produce the disposable mechanical products and model, and it is already widely used in health care, education, toys, building, automobile, electronics, and anime field.

If have a 3D printer, this is the place you can get your 3D supplies!

Ship from USA directly!

For international buyers: drop the seller a message in case you need international shipping. It can be handled separately.

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