Thingybot – a 3D Printer with Magnetic Joints

Thingybot – a 3D Printer with Magnetic Joints

Thingybot team is happy to start their Kickstarter campaign. Thingybot is an open-source 3D printer, whose top priority is quality of the prints. The printer itself is an aluminum case, with all the components ready-available. The printer is suitable for all the users, no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. The Thingybot is easily modified, if needed, using the best details available.

What makes the printer so unique is the use of magnets. Unlike other Delta printers, in Thingybot magnets are used instead of common mechanical joints. As a result there is no backlash that would otherwise cause visual defects.

Thingybot – a 3D Printer with Magnetic Joints

The main technical features are the following:

  • All the Thingybot versions are equipped with LEDs to shine on the prints that you create;
  • A metal case makes the printer look solid, thanks to which the printer doesn’t bow;
  • Autocalibration helps avoid all those difficulties connected with calibration;
  • An LCD screen and an SD-card slot to let you print without connecting your PC;
  • Magnetic joints reduce vibrations in comparison with mechanical joints.

Thingybot – a 3D Printer with Magnetic Joints

Thingybot’s build volume is 150x150x200 mm. It provides resolution of prints of 50 to 300 microns. Depending on the model Thingybot prints at either 60 mm/sec (the Standard model) or 80 mm/sec (the Plus Model). The former model has a non-heated print bed, whereas the latter possesses a heated bed.


The core of the open-source Thingybot is made up of easily available components, and the printer revolves around them. The majority of the parts are rather simple and small, the others can be easily available on condition that the suppliers have difficulty fulfilling the orders, which is not likely. The producers don’t develop the aluminum case himself. The producer and manufacturer don’t experience any shipping problems. In general Thingybot doesn’t represent any risks or difficulties.

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