3D printing revolution

3D printing revolution

3D printing revolution

The latest research shows that the use of 3D printers is growing steadily. One of the reasons for this is that producers trust and rely on 3D printers to create samples and pieces for technologies. For instance, self-propelling industry has been employing 3D printing for decades for hasty prototyping of new automobile parts.

One more reason for the growth of 3D printing is that rationalization professionals outside industrial manufacturing have discovered other ways of using it in their spheres. As in San Francisco Bespoke Prosthetics is making use of 3D printers in order to create distinct prosthetic limb sheath. They’re carrying out experiments on 3D printing to find out whether it will be able to create whole limbs, which is reasonably cheaper and even safer. Likewise, Walter Reed Army Medical center use 3D printers to create prototypes which surgeons will use as guides in face reconstruction.

In aerospace technologies engineers are employing 3D printers for some widespread renovation. Rapid prototyping is being used in production to help check and upgrade its outlook and also to demonstrate the way they operate. Space research company EADS has even greater plans concerning 3D printing. They are going to produce parts of aircraft themselves, including wings for large planes. Researchers believe that 3D printed wings are likely to lessen a plane’s weight, which, in its turn, will decrease the usage of fuel. Consequently all this will reduce carbon dioxide ejections.

3D printing may also suggest some fascinating aesthetic additions. Designers and artists make use of it to make furniture, fashionable clothes and pieces of art. Artist Torolf Sauermann has constructed wonderful geometric statuettes and figures with the help of a 3D printer. FOC – Freedom of Creation company – sells 3D printed geometrically designed lightings and clothing designs with plastic rings. Some of FOC’s corporate clients, such as Nokia, Nike and others, make use of their design and print services.

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