XJets Use Metal NanoParticles for 3D Printing

XJets Use Metal NanoParticles for 3D Printing

XJet, a company in Israel which is getting popular because of the technology they use in 3D printing. Rapid 2016, an event that took place in Orlando, FL this May 16 up to May 19 is all over the news. Also the new technology were presented there by XJet where they introduced NanoParticle Jetting.


What is NanoParticle Jetting?

We are all aware of the popularity of 3D printing, yet the use of metal for this type of technology greatly attracts the attention large industries. Because XJet is the one responsible for their 3D metal printing, for sure they will become the apple of the eye during the show. Their technology aims of providing faster and excellent results without the need of paying an expensive cost.

Lately, their development raised a total amount of $25 million considering that they came up with a unique type of technology. According to the CEO and founder of XJET, Hanan Gothait, their NanoParticle Jetting technology is the outcome of their intensive research that took them a couple of years. Excellent developers, scientists, as well as a group of PhDs have worked hard for this particular technology.


Metal nanoparticles were used for 3D printing instead of a powder wherein the material will be placed in the XJet system through cartridges. There is nothing to worry about toxicity because there is no need for human hands to touch the material. In order to release and deposit the metal droplets, there will be bubble inside the cartridge that is capable of releasing 221 droplets every second. After that, the metal particle will go through a sintering process that doesn’t require manual work.

There are three dimensions that the company presented to summarize their technology.

  1. Details- It will be easier for smaller particles as well as thin walls to be printed because of its size and thin layers.
  2. Dispersion- It is safe for the XJet system to deposit the droplets with metal nanoparticles.
  3. Design Freedom- It is also easy to design the material to whatever shape you want because of its support materials.

Users will surely have the guarantee that they can 3D print the objects faster and of good quality. NanoParticle Jetting allows the metal to have the accurate designs and excellent finish. XJet’s Chief Business Officer, Dror Danai said that the company is very excited to show the technology for the event that will serve as a way for the market to produce metal parts with complicated details.



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