A 3D Printed Elephant Timer

A 3D Printed Elephant Timer

Time has been the only thing that is constant in this life and when it comes to waking up, it is the most important factor. Setting the alarm or looking at the time is also dreaded by most people or admired. Time is very important to person life because this is the silent keeper of how one is able to do his/her daily routine and when it comes measuring it or keeping track, it is best to enjoy it in the process.

A 3D Printed Elephant Timer

Elephant Timer

Kim Rubin, the inventor of the material, has created a 3D printed timer which incorporates the trait of never forgetting time just like how an elephant never forgets.

In the light of having a friendly reminder when it comes to time, people have been using different gadgets such as smartphones and the never ending snoozing when it comes to alarms and even before that, timers on microwaves and stopwatches. Operating an instrument of time can somehow be very difficult for others as some don’t even know how to tell the time and most older generation suffer from even turning the knobs when adjusting a timer. Would it be more convenient if telling the time would much easier and fun during the process?

A 3D Printed Elephant Timer

To prevent missing deadlines and more tedious moments that requires critical time telling comes the most incredible time telling machine ever, the Elephant time.

This small gizmo can even work on setting a time for two things at once. The device has a 12 sided dodecahedron that is very much similar to a baseball. Kim Rubin has just launched a Kickstarter campaign in the light of raising funds that amounts to $40, 000 by April 13th for a simple kitchen timer and a sports version soon.

For interested donators, be the first to get a spot in the 150 early bird promo and receive a timer for only $30. After the 150 spots have been taken, prices will raise up to $40.

Prices will be discounted if the device will be bought in bulk or in two sets for only $70 and the delivery will be expected in September.

A 3D Printed Elephant Timer



The 3D printed device would be drop-proof, waterproof and other wonderful qualities that a kitchen tool needs and other functions such as multitasking. With its very inviting and easy user interface, just by turning the sides of the gizmo which has markers of 1,2,3,5,7,10,15,20,30, and 45. For setting time in between the provided markers just turn the side from 10 to any selected addend to get the desired time. After setting the first timer, just roll to any side to set the 2nd.


The device has 3 volume settings with voice notifications and 2 built-in waterproof speakers that is powered by a 20-year battery giving emphasis on its portability.

Moreover, Rubin was inspired in creating such a device for people who are old and are having difficulty in pressing smaller buttons and turning knobs. As an inventor with a 35-proof of experience in technology and product development, Rubin has quite the expertise in this line of work.

A 3D Printed Elephant Timer


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