Electron 3D Slimbot Printer Kit Only for $239

Electron 3D Slimbot Printer Kit Only for $239

Following the RepRap project, there have been a lot of companies just like Electron 3D which are able to take open source designs and innovate it for their own. With that being said, the company also sells these kits for very low prices and somehow that became one of the trademarks of the company when it comes to giving out limited quantities to the fortunate buyers.

Prior to the release of the Electron Mix G3, Electron 3D just made an innovation of one of the most dedicated printers in the market- the Prusa i3 kit along with the unique source from 2012. Right now, Electron 3D is here again with another innovation, the Electron 3D Slimbot- Prusa i3. The kit is now made available at Online 3D Printers Store. As what was promised, it is bundled with lesser add-ons, easy-to-assemble, and performance.

Electron 3D Slimbot Printer Kit Only for $239

Electron 3D Slimbot

With the coming end of the sale in few days, people can get a hold of this masterpiece for $239 and of course with big discounts if purchased by bundles. The 7th generation kit offers a definite open-source design. The complete kit that will arrive at the doorstep includes all metal parts in the printer’s frame and the only acrylic parts are the cover plates for the electronic wiring.

In addition to the printer kit, fans can also purchase add-ons that can make the performance of the printer even greater. For only $60, the buy can avail a bigger aluminum print bed plate. This can allow the user to expand the building area.

Electron 3D Slimbot Printer Kit Only for $239

With that being said, adding an automatic platform for quick leveling and height detection will only cost $50. This allows the proximity sensor to identify the aluminum bed while the normal version only uses a microswitch to identify the end of travel for the vertical movement and to complete this great package, buyers can also add a Pro E3D Metal Bowden Extruder for only $60.

Moreover, the $239 bundle includes freebies such as a USB 2.0, an 8 GB SD card, 2 rolls of a filament, and assembly tools. The Slimbot offers the top quality construction because of its high precision aim and good quality 3D prints. Originally, the price of Electron 3D’s latest printer is $359 and the discount is only offered to the first 50 units available.

Below are just some of the specifications for this amazing kit:

  • Maximum Printing Speed of 150 mm/s
  • Dual Extruder(Optional)
  • Included is the Full Metal E3D Bowden far distance Extruder
  • Layer resolution of 50 microns
  • Build Size: 200x200x200mm. Large printing area of 200x280x200mm (Optional)
  • Single Color Printing
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac


The newest addition of Electron 3D should prove great to experience builders. The $239 package deal includes a complete DIY kit, so all that is needed to be done is to just assemble the parts. The shipping is free within the US and to most countries.


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