A New 3-nozzle 3D Printer Head Compatible with Delta Printers

A New 3-nozzle 3D Printer Head Compatible with Delta Printers

This new Wim3rl printer head is an addition to the commonly used head. It is a tool, which combines the hot and the cooler ends in one durable temperature-resistant package. Without heaters and connectors its weight is only 80 g – so it’s just as heavy as a usual plastic head.

One of the workshops is already using the Wim3rl prototype in 3D printers. Now they wish to find investors, who would support the idea of developing the first batch of these parts. Currently the company is working to improve hose connectors to ensure easy handling  and safety. They say it’s better to use not PTFE tubes and brass connectors, but directly connected silicone hoses, thus to avoid water-tightness at the hose. They have also redesigned the heater-block to reduce its weight and make access to the nozzles easier.

A New 3-nozzle 3D Printer Head Compatible with Delta Printers

Every user prefers a different kind of nozzle, that’s why in the company they don’t pack and sell their printer heads at a relatively small price. The head can be used with any conventional nozzle with M6x1 thread, its length should be less than 8mm. Height needn’t be adjusted. On the right of the turned part there is a slot that serves as height adjustment for heater block. There is a fitting in the centre that is held with the grub screw. The technique allows varying the height of the nozzle tips between 0,2mm.

Inside the Wim3rl there is a black hole, which is the water supply. Every hot-end hole is in the shape of a banana to let water move from one side to warm water hose and to another side, to the radiator, then to the pump and again. During tests the head was being heated to 300C for five hours, which didn’t cause any considerable heating of water. The flow-rate of the pump turned out to be 151 per minute. That is quite satisfactory.

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A New 3-nozzle 3D Printer Head Compatible with Delta Printers

Doing various tests with the head, they also checked what would happen in case electronics fails, and they heated one of the hot ends by more than 450C. As a result, the temperature of water still remained below 40C, since there wasn’t any considerable change after 40 minutes, but for the colour of the block. The Wim3rl head is compatible with all the delta-style 3D printers. The measurements of the spacers they use can be varied and chosen a user to achieve the necessary fitting.

There is a campaign on Kickstarter dedicated to the Wim3rl. If you become one of those who donate 100 Euro, you will become one of those who may receive the new printer head. So send the company an e-mail containing the distance between the rods of the printer that you are using.


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