3D printed Iron Man

3D printed Iron Man

Although superheroes are rather an invention, it doesn’t mean that their outfit can’t be real. The devoted fan of The Iron Man Ryan Brooks has created his favorite’s helmet by 3D printing . The helmet has an automated face guard, which covers and uncovers with a nod. This is not the first invention by Brooks. In 2011 he made a suit of meccano Lego Technic which could easily fit into a suitcase.

In his helmet Brooks makes use of Arduino Pro Mini controller and Adafruit accelerometer. Currently the inventor sells his mechanism at a price from $150 on his website. The construction of the helmet makes it easy to put it on and off.

Furthermore, Brooks supplied the helmet with the voice of Tony Sparks’s assistant – holographic character with artificial intelligence Jarvice. The helmet tells when it should be put on, and the movement of the face guard comes together with sound effects – cleaving the air whistle.

Darkening glass protects the user from the bright LED-light, with which the helmet is supplied somewhere near the eyes. The appliance is AA battery-powered.


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