LUXeXceL Will Invest in 3D Printing Factory for LED Optics

LUXeXceL Will Invest in 3D Printing Factory for LED Optics

The innovative Printoptical technology was invented by LUXeXceL Group. After that it became the global leader in the additive manufacturing of optical building blocks and pieces. The group declares a contribution into a new 3D printing workshop dedicated to producing masses of LED lighting optics. In Match they began installation projects. This month the first housing and installation enterprises guaranteed that the newest line of digital products will be available in the second half of 2014.

LUXeXceL designers, inventors and partners have created and fulfilled the design of very accurate and quick 3D printers for the production of LED optics. With LUXeXceL’s one step “CAD-to-Optic” 3D printing procedure, optical constituents are created even and there is no need for further reprocessing. It is this ability that can offer LED Lighting producers considerable cost and time savings for rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

It takes just a few days to design and to get prototypes and products, thanks to which inventories are lessened and the products are customization oriented. The digital process is of absolute scalability. Thus prototyping of small products and medium-sized volumes employ one and the same technique. The optics designers are able to produce on demand, the products are easy to reproduce and can be improved incessantly.

The founders feel excited about the new project. They aim at changing and even revolutionizing producing and storing optics. Their new 3D printers make it possible to print accurate LED lighting optics and to use new materials for optics. That will extend the design potential on offer and thanks to this LED industry will be able to suit every single project, product or application.

This new 3D facility is situated not far from LUXeXceL’s headquarters, it’s a few-minutes-walk from there. New positions in logistics, development and manufacturing will soon be offered.

The whole team are proud to have invented such a 3D device, both speedy and accurate to produce optics. It has become a foundation for further development and discoveries in 3D printed optics. They also hope to get support from universities and customers that will improve the technology.

A few words about LUXeXceL Group BV

LUXeXceL Group BV supplies companies with rapid prototyping and production services for optical components employing its patented Printoptical Technology. The headquarters are situated in Goes, The Netherlands.


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