How to Make iPhone Using 3D Printing Pen

How to Make iPhone Using 3D Printing Pen

If you’ve tried to draw something with 3D Printing pen, you’ll never stop doing that. Why, you may ask? Simply because it’s very easy and affordable way to create something from very scratch and this something will be a real 3D object.

So this time we want to share with you on how to create iPhone that looks like real one. You can be as much  detailed as you can only imagine. There will be even icons on desktop and small circle for camera on the back of the phone.

The following video can also give you some ideas on how to make case for your mobile phone. Just make back and side panels of the phone and you would get stylish and unique accessory for your phone. Please share your thought on what was the results if you try to make your own iPhone with 3D printing pen. Have fun and find your inspiration.


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