3D printed suit for Robocop

3D printed suit for Robocop

Robocop has become popular with cinema-goers. A Robocop remake produced by MGM and Sony Pictures starring Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Joel Kinnaman and others started in the States on February, 11 at midnight.

The dispensation of on-set pictures before the film’s release caused significantly negative public reaction concerning the style and color of the outfit. While genuine Robocop created by Paul Verhoeven wore a heavy and corpulent suit, silver and boxy, the renewed version is more smooth, sly, nearly a ninja-like armor.

The new Robocop retells a 1987 sci-fi action movie story by Paul Verhoeven of the same name about a diligent police officer attacked and almost murdered by a drug chief whose corpse is applied in a study aimed at generating the ideal cybernetic constable.


For the remake Вirector José Padilha had to ask production designer of the movie Martin Whist to come up with a new costume design for the remake. The practicality and functions of the suit are paid much attention to, including the way organic elements are reserved and how it’s managed.

Whilst confessed in one of the interviews that choosing the right design was extremely important, for they are fans. This is a cult suit, but some of its elements would seem out-of-date in the eyes of a concurrent viewers coming to the movie for the first time. As for design, it’s Apple that sets the standards, whereas they intended to emphasize the smoothness of 21st-century design when compared to the boxy technology of the 80s.

The team created two modernized suits taken the origin from the earliest true one. The original Robocop suit was a prototype which resembled the outfit of the original which gets updated every time. The updated outfit is black with a glittering red visor. Whist added that the smooth pattern was encouraged partly by genuine materials like graphene.

As soon as the designs were ready, the 3D models of the two types of outfit were forwarded to company Legacy Effects to get them built. The company is noted for creating outfit for Real Steel, Pacific Rim, Avatar and Iron Man, to name just a few. The elements were printed out with the help of high resolution 3D printers (Legacy possesses Objet and Envisiontec printers) prior to being painted and pieced together into the ready garment.

In the video further down Jason Lopes from Legacy Effects describes the way3D printing is used to sketch and produce the characters employed in some of the most favored latest blockbuster movies and cartoons.


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