Endswell presents 3D printed jewelry collection

Endswell presents 3D printed jewelry collection

Nowadays 3D printing is being spread everywhere. Endswell Jewerly has recently announced that they combined traditional handicraft and newest 3d printing technologies to produce their solid gold cast jewelry.

The team of designers based in San Francisco, Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming, who have a huge background in different design spheres, were behind the Endswell new collection. They say that their contribution to the wedding rings collection was based on their own experience as a modern couple living in 21st century: “We are a couple but we are not married, and this actually does have significant impact on how Endswell came about… We’ve openly discussed marriage and the selection of rings that we encountered produced a glaring void – they just don’t align with how we envision our lifestyle and relationship.”

3d printing jewelry

The rings from the Endswell collection come in yellow, rose or white and may be cast in 10K, 14K or even 18K gold. To make them more affordable, the rings are sold as sets and the price varies between $275 and $475.

During an interview with “Cool Hunting” that is specialized in materials related to creativity, innovation in design, travel and other inspiring themes, Gant and Deming told that they had spent a lot of time for this collection: “With Endswell, a larger inspiration is at play in reconsidering how marriage should be seen in the modern day… We see the modern couple looking for a design that embodies the core element of a relationship. It’s about unity, commitment, and support. You will notice a repeating theme in our rings of infinite surfaces and intersecting forms. These come about when designing from a vocabulary, when words take form.”

Endswell jewelry

Gant and Deming also reviled that their approach to ring design was built on one phrase – “All’s well that ends well.” Rachel Gant says: “We found it to be a nice sentiment because it acknowledges a sort of perfect imperfect. To us it means that we can’t always predict and control exactly how life will turn out, but if we act with positive intention and our minds are open, good things will come. We are creating pieces that are very much today, but part of that is considering what we are passing along. We want to create heirlooms with meanings that last.”

The material is prepared based on Coolhunting


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