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About Sergey Kolesnik

Sergey is 3D artist and freelancer. Currently he specializes in 3D toys concept, robots and hi tech, 3D graphics/ Art for games and Graphics for casual games.

Verbatim Filaments: to Be or Not to Be

A couple of months ago many people from 3DToday got samples from the company whose name is so familiar that it rings a nostalgic bell – the famous Verbatim. For some of you the brand has always been the guarantee of high quality of CDs and DVDs, since the beginning of the 2000s, when we Read more

Why Did I Choose Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

Every professional artist or any creative person tries to find a reliable tool for his or her work. I have also been trying to find a reliable, high-capacity and easy-to-use brush in the area available for 3D printing. I needed the brush that would expand the potential of my works and projects. This particular model Read more