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About Ronan Ye

Ronan Ye is the founder and managing director of 3E-RP which is one of China's leaders in rapid prototyping services and 3D printing. Upon completing his college degree at Guangzhou University in International Business with honors, Ronan has been heavily involved in China's fast growing rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry. He really has grown up in and with the industry here in China learning about it at a young age. Hence, his knowledge of the overall industry is second to none and hence why many global companies like BMW, VW, and Lamborghini rely on his technical as well as design expertise.

Flying High: 3D Printed Parts in Real Planes!

The day is almost here! Large corporations of the aerospace and defense industry are building real airplane parts that are fully functional. The aerospace industry is gravitating towards 3D printing not only because of the associated government funding, but because of the immense design benefits that come with it. Re-engineered parts of new design can Read more