UPS is set to Revolutionize Logistics and Light Manufacturing

UPS is set to Revolutionize Logistics and Light Manufacturing

The 3D printing technology never ceases to surprise people in a variety of ways. Usually, the surprise will come by way of a never-before-seen object or the fulfillment of a long-elusive dream. An assortment of fields such as ballistics, armory, communication, medicine, sports, engineering, and bioprinting has, at one time or another, been the beneficiary of some truly astounding object that stretches the imagination and opens the door to a number of staggering possibilities.

The open source design, which is a staple in 3D printing, means that countless people can get their hands on a variety of designs that are normally patented. Because of incredible access to sophisticated designs and ideas, the breakneck speed of 3D printing’s development is a story unto itself as impressive as the seemingly unimaginable objects that have come to life.

UPS is set to Revolutionize Logistics and Light Manufacturing

The surprise this time comes not from a new object, but from a business point of view. 3D printing technology brings is taking a new twist to the status quo as a giant logistics company, UPS, is set to become one of the biggest 3D printing service providers in the world. With the way UPS is going about its new marketing strategy and operational goals, it may quickly be a disservice to just call them a logistics company. UPS is set to become the unquestioned leader in light manufacturing and logistics by virtue of 3D printing technology.

For the most part of their existence, UPS relied on their own people and the workers of partner companies to do their business. Usually, when an order comes regarding a specific object from one partner company, the partner company’s manpower would have to manufacture the object and have them sent via package to UPS or UPS could simply pick up the package from that company before it is sent to their countless shipping hubs.

UPS is set to Revolutionize Logistics and Light Manufacturing

The UPS Store locations are offering 3D printing services.

It is a setup that requires massive manpower and a fine-tuned process from both sides. UPS’s new business model involving 3D printing will allow them to use manpower better without compromising speed and efficiency. As long as there is a source design of a required part, UPS can do the light manufacturing and assembly by themselves before it will be shipped to customers. The same process can be used every time a customer wants a replacement part. Any sort of packing, shipping, or picking up between companies will be eliminated before the product will be directly sent to the ordering customer.

UPS is set to Revolutionize Logistics and Light Manufacturing

CloudDDM 3D printers inside of the UPS facility.

The new business model that will be followed by UPS took a significant step after employing the services of CloudDDM, who provided the 3D printers and will also do most of the 3D printing jobs. The new setup requires partner companies to provide a source design so UPS can 3D print a reordered part via CloudDDM’s expertise. It is a process that can save time and resources for everyone concerned.

While the new process is still in its initial stages and will take some time before it becomes fully operational, one can be sure that if anyone can pull this off, it should be UPS. The whole logistics, light manufacturing, and shipping fields in business are bound to be revolutionized with UPS’s new concept.


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