Incorporating 3D Printing in The Fashion World

Incorporating 3D Printing in The Fashion World

The invention of the 3D printer took the world of the manufacturing industry to new heights. Amazing designs opened the eyes of the people to new possibilities, limitless possibilities.

From 3D printed cars, houses, prosthetics, and maybe in the future, living tissue. One of the best things about the 3D printer is the unique ways for people to create each and every invention. People sometimes need to undergo long hours of research to come up with the perfect product. Another good feature about it is that 3D printers can be upgraded to cater other requirements for any project.


Clothing Application

The 3D printing industry also has invaded the fashion world. However, applications are yet to be seen. Concepts and designs have already been shown to the people on how 3D printing can be applied in clothing. Various research groups are already finding ways on how to create a wearable 3D printed design.

Incorporating 3D Printing in The Fashion World

The printing of 3D printed fabrics involves using a selective laser sintering process because of the unique feature of producing high-quality products which are movable which is one of the requirements in creating 3D printed clothing fabric.

As of now, the project of involving 3D printing in the fashion world are still in the works because of various issues concerning a wearable material. However, research groups have already provided schematics which can be concluded as lightweight 3D printed fabrics that can be worn by a person.


3D Fashion

The project involves Loughborough University and Yeh Group, a global textile and garment manufacturer. Dr. Guy Bingham, Product and Industrial Design Senior Lecturer, is the head of this research, and the goal is to produce 3D printed fabrics that can be worn. The project is titled 3D Fashion, and the primary purpose is to create a 3D printing process that can be marketed and to be incorporated in clothing lines that use polymer materials.

Dr. Bingham also stated that the research, if successful, can give designers the luxury of creating designs faster and more unique. The 18-month project aims to develop further the technology that can print a garment within 24 hours. This project will revolutionize the fashion world by providing a better way in the production process to help cope up with the demand for custom apparel and footwear, he added.

David Yeh, Yeh Group Managing Director, said that the company is focused on cutting out unnecessary pollution and resource costs. The project will take the clothing manufacturing to new heights as the technology can allow retailers produce materials faster, he added.

Incorporating 3D Printing in The Fashion World

This can substitute the traditional process of creating the fabric which can not only benefit clothing manufacturers but also with lessening the pollution. 3D printed clothing can eradicate pollution and production cost along with giving manufacturers the total control over creating personalized garments with no extra charge in the process. The process can also be attached to a 3D scanning technology that can allow designers to create designs that are specifically for the person’s body.


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