Create your own Prototype and Models with FormBox

Create your own Prototype and Models with FormBox

Vacuum cleaning has become one of the considered relaxing tasks with its monotonous machine sound that will surely give you wonderful results. Mayku, a London-based startup company, aims to change how things are made by working with the FormBox in creating a unique tabletop factory product which will definitely capture the curiosity of its potential buyers. Your vacuum cleaner will never be limited to the closet functions that it used to be designed for.

The small footprint by FormBox is capable of drawing energy from any vacuum, and at the same time, it allows you to create your own models and molds. This capability enables the users to make whatever they wanted to manufacture such as toys, concrete molds and even architectural models. They have considered this as the factory that fits the tabletop of its users. Working with 3D printer would make the created models easily multiplied with the FormBox using the same prototype.

Create your own Prototype and Models with FormBox

When used together with the 3D printer, this powerful machine when will surely have endless possibilities of being able to create several other tools that might be useful to the users. Creating various models or prototypes will no longer need middleman or manufacturing factory since you can easily mold it yourself and have it printed. Perhaps the big difference this can make is its affordability, speed of production and a whole lot of fun experience.

The FormBox works this way:

  1. Select the material that you want to use and place it in the FormBox.
  2. Next step is to find a template or shape that you want to mold and place it on the bed of the FormBox.
  3. Once the template is ready, you will have to turn on the machine heater and pull the heated material over your mold.
  4. Lastly, turning on the vacuum on will create the mold right in front of you.

Create your own Prototype and Models with FormBox

When creating your prototype, you can use different materials such as ice, concrete, plastic and many more. The company is trying to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter by June 3 and they are a bit surprised with how well they are raising the funds. You can actually avail the early bird package and get your own FormBox with the Maker Pack, which is perfect for beginners.

For just $349, the FormBox comes with 30 sheets of material that you can use for forming, a 500-g casting material, vacuum connector and the kit that will guide you on how to properly use this machine. On the other hand, if you would like to avail the ProPack at $459, you will receive 100 sheets of material and 1kg casting material which are perfect for big home projects that you wish to do.

Create your own Prototype and Models with FormBox

The creators of the FormBox are also planning to build the Mayku Library wherein users will be able to upload their creations and allow them to share it to the other users. This online platform will be very helpful, especially that the instructions on how to create the uploaded projects will also be made available.

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