Empowering Kids Through The MagiTools Kit

Empowering Kids Through The MagiTools Kit

The world of art, design and music have made breakthroughs throughout time as it impacts the lives of different artist around the world. In line with art, digital design and 3D printing has also evolved and has helped in a variety of ways possible. These artists enter a realm of no ends as it requires a vast knowledge of creativity and persistence.

With the help of different DIY materials, people of all ages can enjoy building and create various projects whether for the first time or with experience.

3D printing technology has also opened new gates when it comes to design and innovation. Builders or makers are also starting to create different ways on how to improve a 3D printer which is very amusing and exciting to watch as it will unfold in the years to come.


MagiTools Kit

This exciting tool can help experienced makers in creating a DIY 3D printer from scratch. This changes everything from just printing different projects to creating your 3D printer. This great sense of success is also offered to children too as this can help the kids in the journey of creating and innovating.

Empowering Kids Through The MagiTools Kit

This campaign is led by Qingdao Unique Products, which is considered to be one of the 3D printing companies that are based in China, which led the company to create the MagiTools Kit in the hopes of empowering children and help the kids in having a wider skillset.

The company apparently produces products for the young generation because previously QUP released the MagiCube 3D printer which has not unique and exciting features but also safe for the young children as well. It is not shocking at all that the company will release a new product that is also focused on harnessing and training the young minds with the use of the MagiTools Kit.

The Unique Products team is set to help these kids by inspiring and motivating children. The kit is trusted to be reliable and sturdy when it comes to printing, and the children are expected to have a print volume of 100x100x100 mm of aluminum frames. The delta-style build of the kit is set to improve the speed and precision of the printer. The kids will surely have a very convenient package because of the auto-leveling system of the print bed and close to no adhesion issues.

The Unique Products team also stated that the key to this technology is just combining software with hardware. The kit is powered by the Happy Uni software which helps the kids print anything from the kit. The software installed is simple to use, and it can be utilized as a stepping stone for future developers and programmers.

The Unique Products team are also concerned about the environment as the finished product is mostly composed of an 80°C eco-friendly filament. The kit is non-toxic so in that way, children have no chances of getting burned.

The MagiTools Kit assures that children will be 100% safe when using the tool on the journey of creating and developing new models.

Empowering Kids Through The MagiTools Kit


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