Cyant Introduces a New Learning Platform

Cyant Introduces a New Learning Platform

3D printing has become popular nowadays. Many people have heard a lot about its capabilities, but very few have the slightest idea how it works. Let us introduce a new platform provided by Cyant. It focuses on intuitive features like writing and drawing and provides you with all the opportunities to get engaged in the activities. Its beta version is ready to be launched for the public and the company is looking forward to sharing it.

The company agrees that to be a success their platform should be easy to use, provide some ways for creating a number of projects and sharing the results.

Cyant Introduces a New Learning Platform

The company has already done great work. The results are the following by far:

  • It is possible for you to draw contours or hand write on your iPad. Then you will get a 3D model of what you’ve written or drawn and you can 3D print it in various colours and materials;
  • The private beta has already been used for some events in communities.
  • They have taught children with various abilities from various backgrounds to draw in a new way.
  • They’ve already taken part in a number of Mini Maker Faires arranging activities for visitors.

Cyant Introduces a New Learning Platform

Recently they’ve started a campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise funds to support their platform. With this support they hope to broaden the users’ experience in 3D printing, help support a wide range of educational and creative activities. They hope that the platform will be accessible for a wide variety of users. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to raise $15,000.

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They have been working with respectable artists and designers and have come up with a special “thank you” system for your support. You are likely to be added into the Supporters Wall, receive a Cyantist T-shirt or a tote. Or else you can receive 1 month of early access and get a unique design 3D printed or 3 months of early access and have 3 unique, amazingly drawn fun characters 3D printed. The characters are developed by Umar Shareef, who takes particular interest in manga, graffiti and anime and writing stories.

Cyant Introduces a New Learning Platform

Depending on the amount of donation you can also get $125 printing credits with Sculpteo, who can help you 3D print what you’ve made with their platform (in case you have no other access to 3D printers) and 3 months of early access.

Cyant does their best to bring technology and art together through recreational activities. They hope that in the long run they will manage to allow people of all ages, backgrounds and communities to create unusual things using the new technology.


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