FABulous Comes Back For Seconds

FABulous Comes Back For Seconds

Building on the success of their first Open Call, European group FABulous the Future Internet Business Acceleration Programme for 3D Printing Services recently announced their second Open Call for companies and entrepreneurs can submit either new and innovative ideas for the development of a new web business or the implementation of a new business line in their company.

The second Open Call will be open until June 18 and consists of two different phases. The first phase will last from September-December 2015 and will award 100 startups and SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) who will be able to begin new internet services. The second phase will run from January-August 2016 and in this phase projects are eligible to receive 60.000€ of funding to transform their respective ideas into a working commercial application.

For those SMEs and entrepreneurs who are looking to start their web-based business in 3D printing and receive the benefits of the FABulous Acceleration Programme can find all the required directions for submissions at www.fabulous-fi.eu. The proposals will be submitted via the EMS Platform which was developed by the Spanish Consultancy group, CARSA, the Acceleration Programme Manager.

FABulous is one of the 16 accelerators which exist with the FIWARE Accelerate program of the European Commission (EC). The group provides a phenomenal opportunity to European-based SMEs and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas from just that, ideas, into something tangible and usable. With their 5.4 million€ budget, FABulous will make available repayable funding, training, and technical support. In total, 150 SMEs and entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the networking and consultancy services afforded to them by FABulous as they work on their model and business plan for innovative services in the realm of 3D printing.


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