3D Systems together with the White House are going to revolutionize American Manufacturing

3D Systems together with the White House are going to revolutionize American Manufacturing

3D Systems are going to unite their forces with the White House, UI Labs, the Department of Defense and some more industrial and academic organizations. As part of this collaboration, 3DS aim at employing its newest Geomagic(R) perceptual dеsign to produce tools, together with scan-to- computer-aided-design (CAD), and examination goods into the center, which would lead American manufacturing industry tо making use of the most up-to-date and developed manufacturing digital thread.

Managed by UI Labs and situated in Chicago, the Digitаl Lаb fоr Manufacturing is an engineering research establishment, which  has the privilege of creating, displaying and deploying the digital production technologies in the major manufacturing fields. This enterprise by the White House tosses together 40 production partners and above 500 additional assistant companies.

The Digital Lab’s main aim is to revolutionize American production chain, to provide safe integration and relations of digital production data, and let organizations of any size to assume appearing innovations in the space. The new center with regional centers is the next action in the suggested National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, that’s made up of regional centers that will increase developing and adopting of forefront production technologies for new, world-wide competitive products.

Seamless digital screws being available and conveniently situated are important to let America remain leader in production. The Digital Lab for Manufacturing is what helps them remain so.


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