The Amazing 3D Printed Apparel of Modeclix Collection

The Amazing 3D Printed Apparel of Modeclix Collection

People are always excited to know the latest fashion trends and even make use of their imagination about what possible line of wardrobe is hitting the runway. The goal here is to stand out of the crowd by wearing an exceptional wardrobe that people have not yet seen their entire life or wear a simple yet classical dress that would make you feel comfortable and will show your personality.

It is not important what clothes people wear as long as they can make a fashion statement. However, they have to depend on the creativity of the great designers in the world these days for them to accentuate themselves and use different kinds of accessories to illustrate what kind of personality they have. With the kind of world we have that almost everything is ready-to-wear, this can be a great challenge and can also cause discomfort. Even if designers and artists don’t hesitate of using different materials both traditional and alternative ones just to come up with excellent products, still they become interested in embracing a new way of creating fashionable clothes. They have started creating digital designs and make use of 3D printing not only because they wanted to try something new as designers but also to introduce their works to the crowd.

The Amazing 3D Printed Apparel of Modeclix Collection

Application of 3D Printing to Fashion Industry

If you are thinking that 3D printed materials are only for industrial purposes, well you’re wrong because if you will have the chance to take a look at the 3D dresses, you will surely have a new perception about 3D printing. The Modeclix Collection will show you beautifully designed dresses that are not only comfortable but can also guarantee you quality. The answer to how this project was made possible is customization. Gone are the days that people will rely on off-the-rock clothing instead, people will experience how technology can help in producing sustainable and affordable wardrobes.

Modeclix aims of providing an insight with the innovation in fashion industry. The project was founded by Dr. Shaun Borstrock from the University of Hertfordshire Digital Hack Lab. He is known for wearing plenty of hats. The design team had worked with Professor Mark Bloomfield, who is a popular 3D specialist and designer and also the founder of electrobloom that focuses on creating and designing customized 3D printed products like gifts and accessories.

The Amazing 3D Printed Apparel of Modeclix Collection

Popularity of 3D Printing

There are already plenty of designers who have tried 3D printing for their apparel like Noa Raviv and Iris Van Herpen as well as Chanel designers. They’ve been an inspiration for the Modeclix Project that presented a different way for weaving, stitching, and knitting.


Factors like movement, fabric, coloration and the overall design are essential for this project. There are eight dresses and two headpieces that are customizable. You can fit the dress after the printing process because the links will expand manually and can be taken out. When it comes to the color, you can dye the materials using different colors.

The Future for 3D Printing

For those who wanted to take a look at the Modeclix collection, you can view it online this coming 1st of May.  You can also see them personally in the eletrobloom store in London on the 23rd of May. Though this collection, you can expect great improvement in the fashion industry. No need to travel or spend a lot just to have a unique dress. With 3D printing, people can look forward of wearing clothes that are fashionable, with greater quality, better fit, and reasonably priced.


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