An enormous 3D printer creates a whole table

An enormous 3D printer creates a whole table

Can you imagine printing humanoid robots, pieces of furniture, sculptures and many more life-sized fine decorative objects on a 3D printer? As a rule customary 3D printers are capable of producing only hand-sized things, whereas on BigRep ONE you can have them printed on a 1:1 scale.

The BigRep ONE is a large open source 3D printer designed by Berlin-based artist Lukas Oehmigen together with Marcel Tasler. The dimensions are about 1,147 x 1,000 x 1,188 mm (45 x 39 x 47 inches), thus it is the biggest fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer on sale in the world.

Bigrep largest 3d printer

Oehmigen and Tasler began the enterprise two years ago. Both of them have somehow been connected to arts, so they intended to develop an appliance that would help them create their own works.

The BigRep ONE has a totally aluminum structure, containing CNC constituents to guarantee firmness and solidness. It contains twofold extruders and can print ABS, HDPE, PLA, PVA, PC, Nylon, TPE, Laywood and Laybrick.

In spite of being that huge, the print quality is really good. Having a resolution capability of 100 microns the BigRep ONE you can print small-lot series, templates and samples for building design, engineering and manufacture.

Below you may see how a sideboard is 3D printed.


One of the recent projects by BigRep was to create two advanced BigRep 3D printers to 3D-print design for Exploration Architecture’s show – ‘Designing with Nature’. The whole process of adjusting, checking and printing all the exhibition piece lasted for two months.

Bigrep largest 3d printer

The key installation of the exhibition looks like a long spacious hall created to display advanced and original SKO software – a computer program for structural optimization grounded on the adjustive models of the way trees and bones grow – and has been designed on BigRep.

The new project was sponsored by Newten Ventures, an investment company situated in Berlin. At the end of 2013 BigRep shifted into a new office in Berlin-Kreuzberg and the first wave of inventions was to have appeared by the end of January 2014.

Bigrep largest 3d printer

The BigRep ONE needs 1 m³ arrangement space, and also considerable funding. Its retail price is $39,000 including taxes, however no shipping & handling are included. We expect the printer to appear this April or May.


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