The Fastest 3D Printer by Ideawerk on Kickstarter

The Fastest 3D Printer by Ideawerk on Kickstarter

3D printers are no longer new to the world. However, they all have a considerable disadvantage – they work too slow. The usual printing speed is about 50-60 mm/s; some machines may reach the speed of 90 mm/s showing high quality of work. IdeaWerk Speed can reach incredible printing speed of 450 mm/s, which makes it the fastest 3D printing machine in the world.

The printer is strong and simple, with its main peculiarity being the high printing speed. It does not occupy much space, the sizes are 298 x 221 x 403 mm, the printing volume being 150x150x140 mm). It is light, about 8 kilos. Besides high printing speed, the printer is known to be silent – less than 44 dB. Such a low level of noise was achieved thanks the cases that cover each motor. And in general the printer is made of metal. It is compatible with any kind of material – wood, copper, PLA, ABS, PVA-nylon and others. The printer is fully assembled and there is special protection for kids, so that they do not touch the moving details and electrics. The IdeaWerk Speed has a 3,2” HD touchscreen and its software is compatible with both iOS and Windows. The software provides easy machine calibration, remote control and easy printing.

The Fastest 3D Printer by Ideawerk on Kickstarter

How did the IdeaWerk Speed manage to become the fastest printer? The printer uses a new technology, which moves the printing bed to and fro and up and down, keeping the motor fixed, plus it has some powerful motors and tuning. All together it resulted in the high speed IdeaWerk.

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The printer doesn’t come alone, the package includes the heating bed, 1 roll of natural colour PLA filament (0.75kilo), spool holder, software and manual on an SD card, 139-cm-USB cable, 320-cm power cable, power adapter, as well as cut pliers, tweezers, a spanner, cleaning needle and tube filament guide. You are free to choose the colour of your printer (black, gray, white, silver or red).

The Fastest 3D Printer by Ideawerk on Kickstarter

Apart from IdeaWerk Speed the company also suggests IdeaWerk Printer, which was the first one produced. It is compatible with wood, PLA and Ninja Flexible. The height of each layer is 200 microns, the printing speed being 150 mms, which is a high index. This is one of the cheapest 3D printers available. It will be shipped worldwide. Its follower is IdeaWerkPlus printer. Just as all the printers by the company it supports various kinds of filament and goes with the same accessories. Its only distinguishing feature is support of any kind of flash disks.

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