3D Print Conference: 3D Technology Brings New Opportunities!

3D Print Conference: 3D Technology Brings New Opportunities!

3D Print Conference: 3DTechnology Brings New Opportunities!

February 12, 2015 Baku will be the host for the conference devoted to innovative technologies in the field of 3D printing.


3D Print Conference is a grand event in the world of three-dimensional printing technology that will bring together experts, researchers, developers, and anyone interested in the development of the future printing.

3D Print Conference will be held in Baku for the first time ever and will introduce participants to the technology that has already used in various industries, and that is becoming more common and affordable throughout the world. The innovative market shows interest in 3D printing technology, in this regard the conference organizers, Smile-Expo, has decided to show what opportunities are available for business due to three-dimensional printing and the prospects of its use.

The first exhibition was held in Moscow and created a furore on the Russian market, having brought together more than five thousand people. The exhibition demonstrated the demand for 3D equipment and services resulting in increase of interest of experts and market participants in the development and popularization of the market.

Another conference was held in Kazakhstan in May 2014. The event was a real discovery and realization of the fact that a future where three-dimensional technology has become an integral part of the business attribute is not a fantasy, but a reality.

Two events in the world of 3D printing and scanning are expected to be held this autumn. A conference in Kiev will be held in September and a repeated exhibition in Moscow will be held in October.

No doubt that intention, technology and market attractiveness for investors not only in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but also in other countries will increase in six months, and therefore holding of 3D Print Conference in Azerbaijan is the right decision. The fifth anniversary exhibition will be held in Baku, bringing together the best practices of the previous conferences and the best market experts.

Join us to be the first to learn all about the technology of the future!

3D Print Conference is a great opportunity to get a unique experience and exchange knowledge, personally get acquainted with industry leaders, as well as establish partnerships and personal business contacts.

 What are we going to discuss at the conference?

  • 3D printing. New business opportunities: how, where and on what can you earn?
  • 3D printers in different spheres: medicine, education, science.
  • 3D printing. Advanced spheres of application: gold, fashion, food and architecture.
  • The future of 3D printing. Whether to be afraid of technology?

 The Event’s formats:

  • Conference: a business meeting where managers and entrepreneurs will be able to discuss the wide opportunities of using 3D printing in business.
  • Master classes: a place where everyone can not only understand the principles of the 3D printer and examine the processes of scanning, but also self-assemble a device under the guidance of real experts!
  • Exhibition: products and services demonstration area where you can get advice from manufacturers and study their options.
  • 3DPrintCafé: first high-tech food court in Baku! Here you will find not only aromatic coffee, but also delicious surprises from the manufacturers of food 3D printers.

3D Print Conference, that will be held on February 12, 2015, invites representatives of business and all who are interested in innovative technologies and are dreaming of purchasing 3D-printer for home use.

The Conference will be interesting for artists, jewellery designers, software developers, business owners, venture funds, marketers, project managers, designers, culinary masters, health professionals and many others.

This technology is a real breakthrough. Be the first to know about all the possibilities of 3D printing.


See you on February 12, 2015!


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